Earth Creature is honored to be a part of Morrisville Innovation Foundation’s HOTTovation program…

HOTTovation is a “business percolator,” allowing you to “perk” an idea into a solid plan for the launch, commercialization, and maximization of your product and business. This is a hands-on program where you will be surrounded by successful business leaders and mentors. The HOTTovation program is a regionally acclaimed start-up incubator program, run by the Morrisville Innovation Foundation, a charitable arm of the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce.

The program provides free office space at Campbell University’s RTP campus to up to six “percolating businesses” for a period of five months. Each participant is paired with seasoned business mentors to coach and guide them in the development of their target plans. Participants have an opportunity to meet regularly with others in the program, sharing and learning from one another. Additionally, HOTTovation participants receive a free Morrisville Chamber of Commerce membership for one year, and an opportunity to engage in numerous local networking activities.

At the end of the five months, participants that have successfully developed their target plans will be invited to a special “pitch” event, in which participants are given the opportunity to “pitch” their business plans to notable individuals within the local financial and start-up community.